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Nikita Tomar Case: Police, Politics And Delayed Justice

Nikita Tomar, a 21 year old girl was shot dead on 26th October in Faridabad while returning from college.

The accused Tausif has now confessed the crime stating he shot her because she denied to marry him.

What happened?

Nikita was a student who died in Delhi suburb Faridabad.

Two men, Tausif and Rehan came with a white car and tried to abduct her. When they were unable to carry the abduct, one of them shot her while the other watched the incident. Before anybody could process what was happening, the two accused fled off the incident.

Tausif and Rehan was arrested a few days ago.

According to police, the incident happened in Ballabgarh near the victim’s college.

What does Nikita’s family have to say?

Nikita’s family have put allegations to the accused for abduction in previous years. The family has further linked the killing of Nikita Tomar with the much hyped ‘love jihad’.

Nikita’s family confirmed that she was shot because she refused to marry Tausif and convert to Islam and this triggered Tausif to kill her. The family also believes that the man killed her because he was infatuated and did not want Nikita to marry somebody else.

When the police further asked the family they said they previously filed a case against Tausif in 2018 when he tried to kidnap Nikita but the case was not moved further. To this the Haryana Police Commissioner said ‘In 2018, Nikita’s family filed a kidnapping case against Tausif but the family later said they did not want to take action. We have arrested the accused Tausif now.’

Nikita Tomar sister also said ‘ When the boy tried to kidnap our sister in 2018, police didn’t do anything and instead asked us to reach a reconciliation. The boy was asking her to convert and marry him. Our sister obviously didn’t agree.”

Nikita’s father also stated that he was scared of rising forcible conversions in the area and als wanted to leave Faridabad.

The brother of Nikita Tomar girl, who was given an emotional farewell on Tuesday (October 27) amid furore over forced conversions in the Mewat region told that Tauseef was repeatedly pressurizing her to convert to Islam so that he can marry her – a point that Mewat is the new hotbed of ‘love jihad’ in the country.

The mother also claimed that the family will not cremate the victim’s body until the accused are punished.

Nikita’s family said that they wanted to settle the matter in 2018 because of Tausif’s strong political connections.

What are the political strands in Taufiq’s side?

Tausif belongs to a strong political family of Mewat, one of the most backward districts in India.

His grandfather was Ch. Kabir Ahmed, a Congress MLA from Noah of Haryana in the year 1975, and in the year 1982 he had also won the election from the Tawadu Assembly constituency in Haryana on a Congress ticket. Chaudhary Kabir Ahmed has six sons named Chaudhary Khurshid Ahmed, Iqbal, Zakir Hussain, Javed, Faruq and Gandhi. Tausif is Zakir Hussain’s son and Kabir Ahmed’s grandson.

Ch. Kabir Ahmed’s son and Tausif’s uncle, Chaudhary Khurshid Ahmed has also been a big leader of the Congress. Khurshid Ahmed became the first MLA on the Congress ticket in the united Punjab in the year 1962 after which he won the election several times and was also a three-time minister in the Congress government of Haryana. Khurshid Ahmad, who was also a parliamentarian in the year 1988, died in February this year. Khurshid Ahmed’s son is named as Chaudhry Aftab Ahmed, who is Tauseef’s cousin.

Aftab Ahmed is now a Congress MLA from Noah. Aftab Ahmad himself has informed on his website that his father Khurshid Ahmad has been particularly close to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Aftab Ahmed himself is also close to the Gandhi family and his pictures with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi on his social media accounts also prove this.

Tauseef’s uncle, Javed Ahmed, is also active in politics and contested the BSP ticket from Sohna seat in the Haryana Assembly elections last year. However, they lost. Aman Ahmed Jan Nayak, son of Iqbal, another uncle of Tausif, is the leader of the Janata Party.

Police, Politics And Justice

After massive protests by students and locals of Sohna-Ballabgarh, the police have been finding the possible clarifications regarding the crime.

National Commission for Women has taken suo moto cognizance of the murder and also assured to take the matter to the Haryana DGP.

Chief spokesperson of Congress Randeep Surjewala accused the Haryana government of mishandling crime in the state. The Congress leader said ‘ During the past two years, there has been a 45 per cent increase in crime against women in Haryana. In gangrape incidents, Haryana is at the top. Otherwise, newspapers will be filled with such news each day. This government does not have any moral right to stay in power for another day.”

The Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij has said that the case will be taken to Fast Track court. He further said ‘ An SIT led by ACP, Crime, Anil Kumar would ensure quick investigation and time-bound trial to ensure justice to the family,” the Minister said. With the Congress link with the murder accused coming to the fore, Congress slammed the Haryana government for poor law and order in the state.”

Faridabad MP Krishnan Pal Gurjar yesterday met the family and offered his condolences.

The Voix Tribune does not support Love Jihad or crime against any religion.

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