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Crime Against Women Has Reduced To 30% In Previous Nine Months

Delhi Police on Friday said that women safety is the top priority of the force and crime against women has come down by approx 30 per cent in the national capital in the last nine months amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava took to Twitter and said that several measures including women safety Himmat Plus, 60 days deadline for filing chargesheet, among others taken by the department have worked to reduce the crime in the metropolis.

Delhi is ranked first among 19 metropolitan cities in India in recording the highest number of crimes against women, according to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau.

“Women safety is top priority. Crime against women is a threat to society. In the past nine months, it has come down by approximately 30 per cent in Delhi. Police deployment, women PCR vans, women safety Himmat Plus, 60 days deadline for filing chargesheet have worked,” Mr Shrivastava tweeted.

The data further revealed that the Capital accounted for nearly a third of the total number of such crimes. The data states that Delhi accounted for 28% of the total figure, followed by Mumbai at 14.3% and Bengaluru at 7.7%.

It says 1,231 cases of rape were reported in the Capital in 2019 followed by 517 in Jaipur and 344 cases in Mumbai. Molestation cases stood at 2,311 in Delhi followed by 2,069 in Mumbai and 748 in Jaipur.

Delhi also recorded five cases of murder with rape, 115 dowry deaths, 3,697 cases of cruelty by husband or relatives and 3,398 cases of kidnapping and abduction.

Some of the few areas where the Capital didn’t record the highest number of cases were kidnapping and abduction to compel for marriage, where Patna took the lead. Delhi recorded seven such cases.

The Capital was also not at the forefront of cybercrimes against women.

According to the data, Delhi accounted for nearly half the total number of crimes reported in cities, recording 48.7% followed by Mumbai at 6.7%. The maximum number of theft cases recorded across metro cities was reported in Delhi (2,42,642 cases). The Capital saw a 30.39% increase in reported crimes in 2019 with 2,94,653 cases as compared to 2,25,977 in 2018.

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