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West Bengal Governor Accused State Government Of Politically Handling Education

This issue has brought up a conflict between the Governor of West Bengal and the government of the State, with Mr. Jagdeep Dhankar accusing the government of manipulating education politically.

Who is the boss at government universities-Is the Governor-Chairman or the Department of Education?

West Bengal governor has tweeted today after none of the people attended an online conference he called vice-chancellors from 23 universities on Wednesday. “Education is politically caged, politically controlled. The grip on education is terrible.

In view of the epidemic, the Government of West Bengal has called upon the University Grant Commission to revise its decision to conduct final university examinations by September. The governor also told the chairman of the UGC about the issue.

“In these days, I tried to understand the problems of colleges and universities by convening a Vice-Chancellor Meeting,” he said in a press conference that was broadcasted on local channels. “But it was opposite: it’s a war-like situation’ he added.

Even when Mr. Dhakar was speaking, a letter to the governor was tweeted by Bengal ‘s higher education department saying he went “over” with him.

In tweets to Mr. Dhankar, the State Government reported “surprised” and cited Rule 8(5) of the Rules of Procedure of official communications 2019 of the State Universities (Terms & Conditions of Service for the Vice-Chancellors).

The Rule notes that the Education Department will arrange for all correspondence from the Governor to Vice-Chairmen.

“The government has the boldness to write this to the governor,” he thundered at a press conference, adding that “the government and the vice-chancellors are accountable to me.

The lakhs of the students who face horrible confusion, who are exposed to the final exams, look carefully at what happens next.

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