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Rahul Gandhi Slams US About Being Silent On India’s Atrocities

The head of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, said Friday that the US was silent about “what’s going on in India.” He spoke about the vision of democracies around the world.

Mr. Gandhi continued by saying “Basically I believe that America, as embodied in your Constitution, is a profound idea, the idea of freedom…But this idea must be defended.”

In an online discussion with Nicholas Burns, former US Ambassador to Kennedy School, Rahul Gandhi said “I don’t hear anything about what’s going on here in India from the US establishment,” Mr. Gandhi said.

“What is happening here in India, I don’t hear from the US institution,” Mr. Gandhi said. This is what Mr. Burns said when he spoke of democratic ideas against ‘China and Russia’s harsh vision.’

Rahul Gandhi said, interjecting Mr Burns, “I hear nothing about what’s going on here in India from the US establishment. What do you think about what happens here if you say ‘partnership of democracies?’ I believe that America is basically a profound idea, an idea of freedom, a very powerful idea, the manner in which it is encapsulated in your constitution. But this idea must be defended. And that’s the real issue.”

At the debate, Mr Gandhi alleged also that a “wholesale capture” by the ruling dispensation of India’s institutional framework changed the paradigm in which post-2014 opposition parties operate as institutions that are to support a fair political struggle have not done so anymore.

“I need a judicial system that protects me, I need a medium that is reasonably free, I need financial parity, I need a set of institutional structures that allow me to operate as a political party. to fight elections I need institutional structures. I haven’t got it” That was the opinion of Mr. Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi said that many people are very rapidly unhappy with the way the BJP behaves and that these people have to be brought together.

Mr Gandhi also answered a question during the online discussion about what to do if he was to become Indian Prime Minister. He said he would concentrate more on creating jobs than on policies that focus on “growth.”

“I would move from a growth-focused idea to an idea that focuses on jobs. We need growth, I would say, but we will do all we can to encourage production, job creation and added value, “During an online debate, he said in answer to a question.

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