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Greta Thunberg, Rihanna, Amanda Cerny And Mia Khalifa Stands With Farmer Protests

What should we say more about the farmer protests and why should be even question its sanctity?

Farmers are fighting rightfully for what’s theirs. If there’s power in voice, India will witness the largest of voices around the world supporting the farmers.

Indian media might mock the protest, restrict journalists from covering the righteteous sides and hinder the world into knowing the importance of protests, but the truth shall always win.

As we quote Rahat Indori-
“Lagegi aag toh aaenge ghar kai zadd mei
Yaha pe sirf humara makan thodi hai
Jo aaj sahibe mansad hai kal nahi honge
Kirayedar hai, jaati makan thodi hai
Sabhi ka khoon hai shamil yaha ki mitti mei
Kisi ke baap ka hindustan thodi hai”

Making headlines, these celebs stood up showing their solidarity towards farmer protests.

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