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From JNU To National Unemployment, Indian Govt. Failed Youth Immaculately

India, a country that has been named for its democratic aspects has always shredded it’s light to the freedom of people and the world witnesses this. But Indian government never fails to blatantly disgust the Generation Z and the Indian youth. Yes, the 34% youth in this country is failing to understand the implications of surviving in a country that promises youth freedom and raising voices for them, taking a stand for youth power and promising youth safety.

The country has failed enormous times and we are not saying this without proofs. From education, institutions, portraying individuals to divide nation to carrying on the legacy of harsh treatment for them, India is failing youth everyday.

The avant-garde JNU incident which occured on 9th February 2016 is the biggest proof of youth aggravation in the country. Taking into consideration the happenings of the incident, it is wise to predict the unacceptable treatment of Indian youth including some of the JNU students like Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid. After that incident, JNU became the most unwell treated university in India. But who is to be blamed?

JNU youth
Photo courtesy: The Logical Indian

We suppose we should all be blamed as we believed in the lies that was catered to us by the media channels and political stalwarts. But the political participation and immense disheartening comments from political leaders did metastasize the incident to a level that is still condemned by scholars, students, activists and professionals.

After this incident there were other incidents explaining the Delhi riots in which hundreds of youth were barred for they committed a crime to speak up. The Bhima Koregaon case is yet another example to explain the emancipation of Indian government towards the raising voices of youth.

As the years pass, dissent which is the most facile power for democracy has been hindered from the country. This means either the government is failng to understand what the youth wants or the govt. can’t bear to hide their unachievements which is quite transparent in the country.

Youth Doesn’t Care About Religious Politics

India and religious politics are not unnamed to one another as they both run hand in hand. Whether it is winning elections based on minority votes, whether it is about choosing Brahmin candidates or it may be forging towards a HIndu nation, Indian politicians have venomed the nation like it was never done before.

As the Bihar election will soon begin in the country, India is already prepared to have a look at the world-old religious manipulations of the politicians and we are not even shocked because it has always been like that in Bihar, infact in the nation. To explain this Economic Times wrote ‘In Bihar, it is a caste-plus-Nitish versus religion-Plus-Modi contest than a straightforward fight’, which itself is an explicit definition of caste and religion politics in a developing country like India.

Millions of youth and Generation Z expressed their dissent in using religion to win some votes as they believe the hindu-muslim relations in this country is taking an unhealthy turn and the credits definitely goes to politcians like Kapil Mishra and Parmesh Verma. Whether it’s Shaheen Bagh or CAA, the Indian politicians have made sure to bring the religion strong front.

Economy And Jobs

To start with, Indian economy which sinked to -23.9 % and this is itself a worrisome cause for the youths. According to a Mint YouGov CPR report, a number of young people believe the economy is moving in the wrong direction. As many as 46 percent of Gen Z and 44 percent of millennials are anxious about the economy’s course, compared to just 31 percent of Gen Z and 36 percent of millennials who are happy with the economy’s course.

A majority of Indian youth those were trapped in PM’s speeches of excessive jobs and opportunity find themselves helpless these days. They are worried about the declining economy.

Indian govt. promised 2 crore jobs in the country but here we are with lost jobs and hopes. Reports say the unemployment rate have fell from 21% to 24% and we have nothing more to speak about. Unemployment should be the single most weapon for winning hearts for the politicians but a data suggest that 33 percent of Indian skilled youths are jobless and all we can do is worry.

To conclude, today marks the birthday of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is celebrated as National Unemployment Day by youths in the country. As youths took it to twitter and showed what they are capable of, the Indian govt. also showed how they have shamelessly disappointing every youth in the country.

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