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Uttar Pradesh: Universities And Colleges To Conduct Exams After June 30

In a statement, Rajendra Kumar Tiwari, Chief Executive Officer of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, stated: Annual and semester exams of universities and colleges will be held in Uttar Pradesh following 30, June 2020. In addition, Mr Tiwari directed institutions to guarantee adequate arrangements to carry out examinations 2019-20 in higher education institutions and examinations BEd 2020.

Rajendra Kumar Tiwari, Chief Secretary of the Government Of UP, said on social media “Annual and semester exams at State universities and colleges will be carried out after 30 June.”

“Maintain appropriate arrangements for examinations of 2019-20 and BEd 2020 examinations in higher education institutions,” added Tiwari.

Mr. Tiwari also ordered institutions to arrange for candidates to receive alcohol-based sanitisers.

“Institutes must arrange for students to be able to disinfect their hands before entering the site to ensure that tests are conducted successfully,” Tiwari added.

Currently in Uttar Pradesh educational institutes are closed due to the lockdown to avoid COVID-19 spread.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath had previously directed government officials in all institutions to start online lessons and work on a permanent model for furthering the online learning process.

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