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The UPA Govt. Opposed Conduction Of JEE-NEET Exams

The education system in our country has always been Exam centric, citing the recent case of UGC conducting final year exams in this peril situation even after refusal by students. Similarly, the conducting of JEE-NEET Exams here has raised hindrance from the opposition.

The Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said that with the number of admit cards being downloaded in the past few days, students want exams to be held at any cost while the opposition demands the stalling of the JEE-NEET Exams.

Social media was flooded with videos of congress MPs asking the government, whether Student lives were less precious than MPs as the parliament has even not Summoned from months.

A campaign on Social media with the hashtag “SpeakUpForStudentsSafety” is being run by the Congress leaders while the youth congress protested in the national capital and many other cities. NSUI, students congress wing has organized a hunger strike at their headquarters for adjournments of the exam.

The ongoing situation of coronavirus directs people for less human connection, but with the pursuance of conducting the JEE-NEET exam might invite the infection at their Doors as around 15 lakhs students will be appearing for the exam.

The Education Minister stated that proper prevention and measures are taken. He stated that JEE exam centres have been increased to 660 from 570 while there are now 3,842 NEET centres, up from 2,546 for the convenience of students. Students are also stipulated with the option of choosing centres of their own choice.

The president of Congress Sonia Gandhi in a statement said “You are our future. We depend on you to build a better India. Therefore, if any decision has to be taken regarding your future, the decision must be taken with your concurrence. I hope the government listens to you and acts upon your wishes. This is my advice to the government.”

Resonating the case with the pathetic condition of the migrants that was evident to the nation, The congress leader stated that How these people were starving, didn’t have money to travel back to their home town, had to face the police brutality because of the mismanagement of the NDA government, the same is going to happen with the students.

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