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The Plight Of Students Appearing For JEE-NEET Examinations

The apex body of our country directed an order for pursuance of conducting JEE-NEET entrances, stating the career of students cannot be played with hence proper prevention and measures will be taken in doing so, it also claimed that students are provided with varied choices of choosing the exam centre.

But, the tales of students is completely contentious to the statement from the supreme court regarding JEE-NEET , many students had to pay a huge amount to reach the centres allotted.

When interrogated, Anup Roy Mahapatra spent Rs 25000 for his son, so that he could reach the centre for the JEE main in Salt Lake. The distance from his home to the centre is approximately 300 Km, i.e. (8-9 hours) As Bengal is in lockdown the father and son had to start a day early. As vehicles were not ready to move. His father added that though his son’s Exam is in the 2nd half, but he didn’t want to take risk of reaching late.

Most of the parents have travelled through renting personal vehicles to avoid infecting the virus.
“Rs 25,000 is what I had to spend for one public exam,” said Roy Mahapatra, who was standing outside the examination centre. He said hotel and food expenditure isn’t include in the list, this is just the transport expense.

He said: I don’t know how much will be spent when my son has to return back for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) which is to be held on September 13.

With the govt. continuosly ignoring the students plea, this is one mere example of the difficulties of students.

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