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Sumant Bindal Bags ‘More Than Imaginable’ Price With An Offer In Australian National University

A MA student from the Lovely Professional University was awarded a full-length bond worth Rs 1.3 crores for a Ph.D. in herbal sciences, which could represent someone in this field the highest bond ever awarded.

Sumant Bindal’s masters of science in agriculture-genetics and plant breeding in particular-are currently being studied. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree at the National University of Australia.

His research will include the detection of signalling paths triggered in tomato plants by resistant games against Fusarium. Fusarium, for the uninitiated, is a form of fungus which is known as a loss of 45% of the yield in India. The work aims to combat this fungus in tomato plants.

In a statement, Sumant expressed his happiness about being awarded this bursary, “I am very excited to receive this bursary. ANU is one of the world’s leading research institutes and a dream destination for my Ph.D. I want to thank my faculty and mentors at LPU for their guidance and encouragement in my work at every level.

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