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Students In North East Delhi Can Be At A Disadvantage With CBSE Board Exams Cancelled Three Times

According to the evaluation scheme notified by CBSE on Friday, very few Class 12 students, most of them from Delhi, have taken only one or two subjects in the exams. The findings are reported on the basis of tests and outcomes in an internal, functional or project assessment in the appeared subjects.

“My Board exams were a test of endurance for me,” said Rani Kumari, a Chand Bagh resident and 12 grade student. We are told right from childhood that board assessments are too critical and that you should focus on them at least two years in advance. All now seems immaterial. With the sequence of cancellations the whole passion has gone down.

The resident of Gokalpuri, Gangandeep Kumar, said that he fears that the scheme the board has announced would disadvantage students like him. “There is also some value to students who have appeared for three subjects, to be measured based on those grades. But how do they do it in other cases (students who don’t),, “he asked.

Mohammad Fazil, a Brijpurian resident, said, “How can we remove prejudice by schools if our success is based solely on internal evaluation?

Instead of the unrest, the Central Secondary Education Board (CBSE) has been deferred to the north-east of Delhi until 29 February in more than 80 centres.

The Board had announced a new schedule in which class 12 examinations would commence on 31 March and end on 14 April and class 10 exams would commence on 21 March and end on 30 March. In view of the coronavirus outbreak, however, the experiments must be postponed again.

The CBSE has again released a new timetable for the exams from 1 to 15 July. Whilst class 12 examinations were to be carried out throughout the country, class 10 examinations were decided only in North-Eastern Delhi. Nevertheless, the tests have again been cancelled in the light of the COVID-19 jump.

The results of class 10 and 12 students who have completed all their examinations are announced based on their success in the exams according to the evaluation scheme.

“Average marks in the three best performing subjects will be awarded to students whose exams were not carried out in the examinations in more than three subjects,” said Sanyam Bhardwaj, CBSE examination controller.

“The average marks obtained in the best two performing subjects in subjects whose exams have not been carried out will be rewarded for students who have participated in only three subjects,” he added.

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