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St. Stephen Will Charge Rent From Students Who Can’t Vacate Hostels During Pandemic

On 25 July St. Stephen published a correspondence on their website that answered the concerns of junior students who were not able to vacate the accommodation they had been given because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The St. Stephen College of Delhi University has agreed to charge Rs.100 as room rental for students who can not leave their hostel rooms. From 7 August 2020, room rent will be paid.

The statement says: “We will be able to retain students who are unable to leave their rooms, considering the pandemic that continues and the numerous requests from the resident junior members, at Rs 100/’ per day beginning August 7, 2020, with a modest room rental fee,”

Even if the government requires the college to be reopened, all objects and luggage shall be withdrawn from the rooms for repair purposes a week before the residence is opened again.

“Local members of the Junior Union are also told hereby that, if and when the Government gives permits to reopen a residential facility, all items and luggage shall be removed a week prior to reopening to facilitate required clean-ups and renovations.

In April, Delhi University extended its 2019-20 academic session. From 28 April until 15 May 2020, the University expanded its classroom dispersal for even six months. It was later extended from 1 July to 31 July 2020 to cover the summer vacation period.

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