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Not All Students Are Attending Online Classes In Government Schools, Says Manish Sisodiya

Nearly 15 % of the students enrolled in the schools of the Delhi government are untraceable, according to Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, since the lockdown was announced and the alternative classes were not attended online or via the phones.

Mr. Sisodia, who is also Minister of Education, said that effort is being made to physically or telephone these students to join the program.

“We have full-length teaching experience both on the internet and through phones and teachers to ensure that every student has a personal involvement. Up to now, up to 15 % of students are not traceable or in touch with their schools,’ said Manish Sisodia

“I have investigated this myself and have been able to track a few students while others either do not remain at the same adresses or do not follow their telephone numbers listed in our records. I have demanded the establishment of school management commissions (SMCs) to track these students.

When asked about a certain amount of students not pursued, Mr Sisodia said, “Every class has an average of 4-5 students, of whom many are students of class 6 and number of them are from other classes.

The Government has also given subsidies of 200 for Internet packages for all its 12 students who have registered for the Online Classes, “a senior official of the Education Directorate (DoE) said.” We have begun to run online classes for students from April 6 and have sent e-learning materials or activities to students who attended kindergarten to the 8 of WhatsApp or SMS classes” said Sisodia.

Last month, the HRD Ministry asked states and union territories to make sure that their school rollers are not taken away from the names of migrant workers’ children returning from home in the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Ministry also directed the States to develop a database of children who have left their homes in other states or in other parts of the same state in their local area by issuing guidelines.

While government controls have increasingly been relaxed, schools and colleges remain shut down.

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