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National University of Law (NUJS) Reduces Fee Arriving Semester

On Saturday, the National University of Law (NUJS) lowered the fees for various services that students may not use since the campus is closed and the courses online.

The Executive Board of the University, its highest policy body, has voted to exonerate students, moot courts, hostel accommodation and research supplies from the fees for examinations.

For the July to December moonsoon semi-annual period , students of all batches except those of the first year will now pay around Rs 38.000 less.

“Instead of Rs 1.59 lakh for the present semester, all students (except for the first year) shall be expected to pay Rs 1.21”, K. Chakrabarti, Vice-Chancellor of the NUJS, said.

“A number of students spoke about financial issues related to the pandemic. The Management Board has decided unanimously to provide some support for students. As far as possible, we high the payments, “said Chakrabarti.

The Institute receives no government financial support. It entirely depends on student fees, said a college official.

“All the students’ requests could not be acknowledged. Five months the Institute has been closed.

Nonetheless, every member of our staff had to pay full wages … and we’ll keep on doing that in future, said the official. “It has been proposed that library fees will be reduced. However, it can’t be considered as ours is a law school and even though it’s locked, we have to retain library services.

Recently, the students asked the authorities, due to online courses, to rising fees below the headings they were not using.

The request from the students on the exemption of fees was brought before the financial committee of the college. The committee approved the proposal and transmitted it for ratification to the Executive Board.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the students will be asked to pay their reduced semester fees next week.

The excess balance will be credited with the next semester fees to those who have already charged the fees.

Online classes take place from July during the Monsoon Semester (July to December).

Nonetheless, semester fees have been charged since July due to the desire of the students for an exemption.

The vice-chancellor said that the university does not plan to slash the fees over the next six months that start over January.

The Vice-Chancellor said, “At that point, we’re going to make a decision based on the situation in COVID.

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