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Madhya Pradesh Suspends Online Classes For Primary Student

The MP education department received numerous parental complaints, following which all schools were directed to stop carrying out online lessons for both the pre-primary and primary schools.

The Order was issued on 18 June 2020 by the MP Department of Education. Private classes for pre-primary education, nurseries, kindergartens and classes 1 to 5 are not permitted.

Schools that take online classes for students from classes 6-8, but the length of those classes must be 30-40 minutes.

The parents’ first concern was that eye problems and tension among younger children were caused by the online classes.

For 1-2 hours, schools offered primary and 3-4 hours courses for secondary and middle school students. This contributed to unnecessary timing of the computer.

According to the WHO guidelines, the screen should not be exposed to children less than 5 years of age. Just less than an hour of screen timing should be permitted for children aged 5 years.

A maximum time of 2 hours may be allowed for children aged 6-12.

“When the online lessons began, we were really happy that the kids would now have something to get interested other than watching TV all day long,” said Mamta Sharma, mother of six year

“My daughter started to develop headaches because of the long timings of the computer when taking lessons. We tried different actions but did nothing, “she added.
Psychologists have found that when children spend a large amount of time online, they become more irritable.

In addition, the MP Child Rights Commission wrote a letter to the department of education requesting that primary and primary school students complete online classes.

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