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Karnataka To Hold Only Final Semester Exams, No Exams For Degree And Post-Grad Students

The increasing chorus of students has been present for quite some time now in Karnataka to scrap tests due to the current pandemic.

During the pandemic, SSLC students from class 10 were pending in one issue of the PU Board and all their exams were written. But the government has agreed to encourage all students in all courses, with the exception of medical students, because of the rapid rise in Covid-19 in Karnataka.

It was determined that all middle semester graduates (BA, BSC, B.Com) and secondary students would be promoted to postgraduate studies (MA and MSc. Etc). The order also covers classes in engineering and diplomas.

However, the government has agreed not to extend the relief to students in the final semester. These will have to be reviewed by the end of September 2020, in compliance with the UGC guidelines.

“The education system has been interrupted by Covid-19, classes which do not take place on time. Online learning that was implemented during the shutdown provided good answers and the government did its hardest to meet the last person in the chain immediately. During the midst of this, the Government considered holding offline classes and tests too. But, because of the rise in the viral dissemination, such idea was dropped.Universities affected were told to conduct exams for students in the last year / semester, “said DyCM and VTU Head Dr Ashwath Narayan.

“The interim semester students will be assessed in a 50% ratio on the basis of a rigorous assessment scheme with internal performance marks and previous year / semester marks. The assessment will be based entirely on internal performance marks for students in their first semester / year.

When students believe they can boost their grades, they will be eligible for exams in the next six-month period and students who fail to excel in a rigorous assessment process will be evaluated by every subject in the following six-month period. The subjects behind the backlog would also be allowed to carry on, “he said.

The administration has also agreed to launch online classes for the 20-21 academic year on 1 September and offline classes on 1 October. Appropriate arrangements have been sought for all universities and affiliated colleges.

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