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Jamia Millia Islamia Doesn’t Have Open Or Offline Book Tests, So How?

In the midst of a crisis of coronavirus, several universities, schools, and boards plan to conduct the pending tests. Jamia Millia Islamia, however, declined to perform offline tests on health and wellness for students.

The Standing Academic Council of Jamia has agreed as follows: In order to ensure that the students have an unnecessary pause in reviewing and publishing their results:

Jamia Millia Islamia has published some actual observations concerning examinations. Delhi University has refused not only to do offline exams but also to perform Open Book exams online.

The evaluation is based on an on-line examination / évaluation carried out by teachers, who are also examiners and may use different methods of evaluation including assignments/dissertations/viva/target form etc. “This is the outcome of the assessment by a press release by University .” The students of all the programs/courses in the university during the academic session 2019-2020 (including MPhil / Ph.D. work).”

The practical tests for the students also take place online and a viva-voice, interview, etc. are more likely to apply as applicable to the middle semester/year students to the mode of the exam.

“An online assessment/evaluation is conducted by the instructors of all the University’s programs/classes for the 2019-2020 academic session (including MPhil / Ph.D. coursework) who are also examiners and can use different evaluation modes like tasks/dissertations / live-orientation form, etc.,” released by the University.

The practical tests for students will also be conducted online, and the mode of the test will most likely include a viva speech, an interview, etc.

For courses such as the Tourism and Hospitalité Management Department, the same procedure applies.

“The semester / year-end exam is performed on the basis of Online exams/assignments according to UGC Guidelines and according to these rules, students who participate in even semester/year final examinations shall not receive a request for redress/re-evaluation.”

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