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Jadavpur University(JU) Decides To Collect Exam Papers From Students’ Homes

Jadavpur University(JU) plans to deliver final-semester exam question papers and collect response scripts from student homes that lack a smart device or internet access, an official said.

The other students will receive the questions through group email or WhatsApp and the answers will be sent via these services.

The proposed models were explored at Sunday’s arts and science Faculty Council meeting. “The models will need to be accepted by the exam board of the university, which is going to meet this week,” the official said.

In a recent judgement , the Supreme Court set aside the decision of academic institutes to report results on the basis of evaluating the previous performance.

Since students could not be asked to come to the campus to write the test due to the Covid-19 pandemic, JU is thinking of creative models such as sending employees to the homes of students dealing with weak internet connectivity to deliver question papers and collect answer scripts.

“The tests will have to be done addressing the digital divide,” a department head said.

Suranjan Das, vice-chancellor of JU, said: ‘The exam board will possibly meet on Monday or Tuesday. An elaborate plan is made such that the students are not faced with any difficulty writing their papers.

A student may not have access to a computer or smartphone due to financial constraints, or may have connectivity problems following Cyclone Amphan, which flattened large stretches of the Sunderbans and other places in southern Bengal, a JU official said.

The university may send men in vehicles to student houses residing in adjacent districts like North and South 24-Parganas to deliver question papers and collect reply scripts. If a student lives in faraway places such as Birbhum or Bankura, workers can travel by train.

Those with Internet access can receive email and WhatsApp questions, and have two hours to write the responses. The same way, the answers would need to be sent out.

“They’ll have another hour for the same providers to give the responses. If required, a student will be able to write the answers to a script and scan the copies or take photos of the scripts on the mobile camera and send them via email or WhatsApp. That is why it is given an hour to submit the answers,’ said a university teacher.

The University has Kashmir students who have faced Internet connectivity problems since it lost its special status last year in August.

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