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India Will Look To Teacher-Driven Education More Than Tech-Driven Education, says UGC Vice Chairman Bhushan Patwardhan

Education in the world and our country revolves around a hybrid pedagogy in which organizations concentrate on providing quality content. Current learning allows teachers to make use of technology in order to provide successful teaching, said Bhushan Patwardhan, UGC vice-chairman. He said, “India’s education system rapidly embraced and accepted the challenges of COVID-19; but we should not make our education system fully technical because it is impossible to substitute teachers.”He gave his views at the webinar on “Heartful Leadership: Educational Transformation and Sustainability” organized by the University of the IIHMR. The webinar was conducted along with the Heartfulness Institute, India (HFI) and the United Nations Strategic Compact Network (UNGCN).

AIU’s Secretary General Pankaj Mittal said on the occasion of the debate: ‘These should be ready for use in India, with technical structures, teacher and faculty capacity building, to evaluate cost-effective online platforms where education can be delivered, to streamline the evaluation and evaluation system, to increase the placement capacity and internship opportunities.

The speakers accepted that our current school program needs to be restructured and that the new generation needs to be made more resilient. “With over 40 million high school students in India and over 1,45 lakh teachers, India lacks a personal touch to communication with one another,” said Chaturvedi, director of Birla Institute (BIMTECH) and alternate president at EPSI, India. In the coming years , schools should be empathizing towards students in their families who do not have the same technology and face monetary problems. It is the need to concentrate on transforming education through the creation of sincere leadership and hearty teaching.

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