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IIT Bombay Organizes Virtual Convocation, Awards Students In 3D-Avatars

The 58th annual convoy ceremony of IIT Bombay took place on Sunday in virtual reality. And they meant it when they said virtual reality.

The ceremony was not a typical zoom-based meeting, but students really did see their graduation through 3D avatars. The another advanced setup was that the internet connection isn’t required to function.

The ceremony was conducted through the app IIT Bombay Convocation 2020, which aims to give students a sense of pride and achievement in becoming a leading engineering school.

This year, over 2,400 students have graduated from the School, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctorate candidates.

Around 1200 students used the device from the convenience of their homes to attend the ceremony. Students who could not access the application could also watch the ceremony on live television at the institute.

All elements of the Senate to the Institute album, upholding COVID-19 physical distancing and safety requirements, were included to allow students have the feel of a true graduation ceremony.

It is to be noted that 20 experts, primarily from the IDC School of Design, have designed the ‘IIT Bombay Convocation 2020’ mobile device. The software took nearly 5000 hours to complete, and a ceremony of its kind was held.

In addition to the ceremony, the app allows students to remotely visit college once more and enjoy their favorite interactions with their peers.

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