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HRD Ministry Releases The New NCERT Cirriculum For The Coming Years

Given Samagra Shiksha ‘s emphasis on a centric approach to the learning outcome, it is important for NCERT to develop the necessary resources to implement them in an efficient and timely manner, leading to improved results in research and learning rates. In order to achieve this, NCERT must develop the necessary resources to achieve these goals effectively and in time.

The NCERT mentioned following priority tasks in 2020-21:

Classes 6 to 12 are to be completed by March 2021 for each subject and grade of classes 1 to five by October, 2020 along with listed infographics / postings and presentations.

Teacher training courses for teachers in each grade for Class 1 to 5 in phases up to December 2020; in phases up to June 2021 for Class 6 to 12.

The preparations for the entire curriculum for the COVID-19 students , particularly those without digital/ online access or supplementary / alternative academic learning material, by December 2020 for classes 1 to 5 phases and 6 to 12 phases by June 2.

Every subject will be evaluated for a total of ten items / questions. Each of which shall be calculated in at least two degree levels by November 2020, for each subject’s learning results. The remainder of the classes shall be prepared by March 2021.

Hard spots were found by NCERT on the basis of NAS 2017. Material for solving difficult spots to be prepared by December 2020 for classes 1 to 5; by March 2021 for other classes.

The new National School Curriculum Framework (NCF) was also initiated. In compliance with the new NCF, NCERT must make changes in the textbooks. Topic experts must begin this educational process by December 2020 and request an interim report.

When redesigning textbooks, it is crucial to ensure that only the core material is put into textbooks. In the textbooks, the cognitive load is also too high. There are other fields to be incorporated, such as creative thinking, living skills, Indian culture , art and integration. NCERT will also continue to work well in advance on the layout and design of new textbooks, however new textbooks on the basis of the current NCF are being prepared. By March 2021 the new NCF is expected to be ready.

Class 1 – 12 will also be available for PM E Vidya. Under AtmaNirbhar Bharat, NCERT will also prepare content for SWAYAM PRABHA channels (1 channel Class 1) and launch the channels before August this year.

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