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Hospitality Can Save Trillions of Dollars on Cutlery and Its Sanitation, Dr. Suborno Bose, IIHM Chairman, # EatWithHand Project Launches

In a COVID-19 -ridden world, where the new mantra for survival is impeccable hand hygiene, the intellectual and innovative minds of the likes of Dr. Suborno Bose, CEO of the London International Hospitality Council (IHC) and Chief Mentor of the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), initiated hospitality fraternity worldwide to an old Indian habit – eating with hands. Holding the hospitality community and people at the forefront of the post-COVID-19 world’s issues, Dr. Bose expressed his concept of ‘Eat With Hand’ as the new standard in dining.

A 20-minute Hospitality Live discussion was held on 7 May between Dr Suborno Bose from Kolkata, Professor David Foskett, MBE, Chairman of the International Hospitality Council (IHC) from London, and Abdullah Ahmed, Director of IIHM Delhi. Dr Bose shared his new and fresh idea with the world that will not only safeguard people’s hygiene and safety, but will also save trillions of dollars in hotels and restaurants around the world spent on soap, sanitizers, hot water and even labour, to wash cutlery in hotels and restaurants.

“And about 20 million people dine out each month in India. Millions of people dine out frequently around the world. It is best to uphold good levels of personal hygiene in present circumstances. I believe your safety is in your hands and if you feed with your hand you will stay safe and healthy. This is another preventive measure, such as how people around the world resorted to the ‘Namaste’ as opposed to shaking hands to greet each other,” Dr Bose said.

Also, Dr Bose’s easy solution could help save many more millions of dollars spent on disposable cutlery by eateries. The disposable plastics are antisustainable and should be avoided at all costs. “Available cutlery will cost a ton now so I think it’s best to get rid of it and then try to eat by hand,” Dr Bose said.

Added to Dr Bose ‘s latest slogan, Prof. David Foskett said, “Eating with our hands is human nature. Our fingers are our finishing device. It’s not always possible to use the fork, knife and spoon, especially when we eat sandwich or burgers.Even though eating with hands will take time to get into fine dining as a practice, we use our hands when breaking bread in a fine dining restaurant.

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