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Gujarat Private Schools Pauses Online Classes After ‘No-Fee’ Order

Gujarat’s private schools suspended online lessons for an unspecified period from Thursday onwards following state government orders that students could not receive fees before schools are reopened.

In a notice released last week, the government of Gujarat ordered state autonomous schools to prevent students from collecting tuition fees while remaining shut down in the wake of the pandemic of COVID-19.

The private schools were also told not to raise fees in the 2020-21 academic year.

Unhappy about the change, an group of almost 15,000 autonomous schools in Gujarat agreed to hold online classes, a new system for students was introduced earlier this month.

On Wednesday evening most of these schools told their parents via SMS that their staff will not be given any Online classes on Thursday.

On Thursday, Dipak Rajyaguru, a leader of the self-funded school management groups, said that nearly all self-funded schools in the state have declined to provide electronic education.

“If online education isn’t true to policy policy opinion, it does not make sense to offer such impossible education to our students,” Rajyaguru said in a statement. “Online learning should stay suspended until the government withdraws the notice.

He said the association would also come before the high court against the decision of the state government.

The influential educator and association leader, Jatin Bharat, said in the current scenario that there is no alternative to on-line learning. “Self-Funded Schools are required to pay the teachers’ and other employees their salaries, and no state in India has agreed that, in spite of conducting online classes, fees cannot be received. If we adhere to the State’s notices, it would not be possible for us to pay and operate the school.

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