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Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Plan To Be Followed In The Future In The Light Of The Current COVID Terms And Conditions

In light of the current conditions of COVID 19, it was decided to pursue the government’s Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat programme, using innovative means.

This has been decided at a recent meeting by the government’s Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat partner ministries via videoconferencing. This was chaired by Shri Amit Khare, Secretary of Higher Education, M / o HRD. M / o HRD is the EBSB’s nodal department. The meeting was attended by the Secretary, Shri Yogendra Tripathi Tourism Secretary, Shri Anand Kumar; Senior Officers of the Ministries of I & B, Railway, Home Affairs, and Sport and the Ministry of Housing SE, Smt & Smt Anita Karwal; CEO, MyGov Shri Abhishek Singh.

Shri Amit Khare welcomed the participants to the program and pointed out that in view of the current conditions of COVID 19 there is a requirement that there be an innovative way to carry this forward. D / o SEL Secretary, Smt. The need to show tangible results was also emphasized by Anita Karwal.

The EBSB ‘s success so far has been addressed during the conference.

Speaking at the meeting, Shri Yogendra Tripathi, Secretary of Tourism told us that tourism institutions are organizing webinars. In the series “Dekho Apna Desh” the Ministry is hosting a series of webinars on MyGov. Thousands of people participate in these webinars. It also suggested that webinars for tourist stakeholders of various countries, like tour operators, etc., should be organised. The Higher Education Secretary has indicated that “Dekho Apna Desh” recordings and other webinars should be shown on teaching platforms and in breaks during online classes.

Secretary Shri Anand Kumar, Minister of Culture has stated that different webinars are also organized. He suggested that all webinars from various ministries be put under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’s shared platform. He suggested that e-programms can be prepared on various topics such as the writing of plays, the painting, monumental virtual tours, etc. He also told that the Ministry of Culture proposes to create e-heritagepedia and e-artistic pedia. Secretary D / o SEL welcomed the idea and said that schools like Worli and Madhu would be extremely interested in indigenous art classes.

Youth Affairs, Secretary, Smt. Smt. Usha Sharma welcomed the use of digital media to carry out EBSB programs. With this she said, it is possible to greatly increase the reach of these programs. She also suggested that digital material produced by various departments be shared. Secretary, HE suggested that comments from all the ministries should be received on one forum. D / O Secretary SEL suggested that a digital platform would be used to hosts it.

My, CEO Shri Abhishek Singh, said they’re developing a mobile App for 100 language phrases. He also said MyGov can host webinars and spread information about its programs in various departments.

Joint secretary Shri Vikram Sahai suggested the possibility to share good practices and success stories of each state with partners, apart from the knowledge exchanged among various states through TV , Radio and print media. He has also indicated that all departments should pool their digital resources and that DD News can use its weekly EBSB programme. JS (ICC), Neeta Prasad, suggested that each Ministry share in advance with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting their future monthly action plan for a broader coverage.

Managing Director, Smt Railway Ministry. Vandana Bhatnagar told the students involved with various EBSB programs on concessions and the presentation of the logo, video display etc on railway properties. She said that once the trains begin to move regularly, these activities will be taken up again.

1.The officers of the Ministry of the Interior, Defense Minister, Parliamentary Minister, and Sports Ministers informed about the activities undertaken before the lock-up period.

2.Secretary EM concluded the meeting by summarizing the following important points:

3.Each participating Ministry / Department must move towards digital media to carry out activities under EBSB.
To organize webinars for broad dissemination about Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.
To have a shared depository of digital tools that every ministry can use for the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat. You may host this repository on a common server.

4.A revised communication plan should be established and Doordarshan’s 30-minute weekly EBSB program should be based on all ministry inputs.

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