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Digital Is The Need Of The Hour: Rural Children And Youth Is Learning Digitally Amidst Lockdown

As COVID-19 emerged and the government of India proclaimed a lockdown, the movement of people, material, and economic activities, as well as social and economic activities were blocked. Each witnessed a complete derailment of the social train wheel. All, including young and elderly, retired women, youth, and urban communities, are affected in this unpleasant scenario.

Today’s digital education has grown normal and is widely used for student and youth education in urban areas. In rural areas, however, continuing education had become a challenge, particularly for underprivileged students. Io order to tackle this new technology, training was given. Not only did rural communities accept, but they also innovated to make digital media more important.

Computer and English language education are the requirements for survival, apart from the school program. A process was developed in which digital video sessions were used to impart English communication skills on the basis of activity. Local youth and teachers are trained to teach the community and connect digitally with students living in Gujarat and Gangapur (Maharashtra) villages.

Youth and teachers discuss audio and video in the group and respond to various Faculty exercises. These include the understanding of images and stories, phonics, public speaking, grammar classes in zooming, etc. by recording individual videos, loud reading of news headlines. Community mentors provide corrections and address keys at the end of the day.

Such training courses not only involve zooming in calls or showing videos on YouTube, but also involve students, receiving feedback and answers. Whatsapp groups have been developed for students and parents to involve students in positive activities.

A comprehensive weekly program has been drawn up to help students to learn their analytical abilities, use of digital literacy in their everyday lives, puzzle to develop their skills in problem solving, values via stories, development of the local language through understanding and creative exercises, practical activities in mathematics and computing, inspiration and training.

Daily feedback and evaluation is necessary in order to involve rural students and make improvements according to demands. Teachers are in close communication with students and parents; students are motivated, and regular lectures are discussed. With their learning reactions through videos and photographs, students have actively responded to WhatsApp groups.

Learning now also includes motivational videos, career guidance, and value-based films and pictures, so that parents and students are constructively involved in educational processes and realize the positive impact of technology and its use for educating their children into a better future.


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