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CBSE Results: Students Score Two-Fold 95% Marks Than Next Year

New Delhi: According to the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE), the number of students scoring more than 95% in class 12 CBSE exams this year is more than double the 2019 figure of 17,693. This number doubled more than once in 2020, when exams were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 38,686 students getting over 95%.

Such figures have increased from approximately 94,000 students in 2019 to nearly 1,6 lakh by 2020, as have those students who scored over 90% in CBSE exams. For the test, there were a total of 11.92 lakh applicants, the results of which were released on Monday.

During this year’s student assessment, the pending tests were cancelled during view of the COVID-19 jump in alternative assessments. Under the four-pointer scheme, marks were awarded on the basis of a student’s scores of the best subjects. Students were divided into four groups according to the assessment system.

The former had students who had been tested for all their subjects and their results were announced in all papers based on their success.

With more than three subjects, students in the second group appeared. They were given prizes in the three best performance topics for subjects that were not based on the average of the marks earned by them.

The board identified the third class of students in just three subjects. The board identified For them, the average marks obtained in the two most successful subjects of those subjects whose exams were not conducted have been received. The students in the 4th group had to be deferred, primarily from the area of Delhi, affected by the uprisings in February.

Based on their performance on the subjects they have tested, the students’ results are declared in addition to their performance in internal or practical project evaluation.

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