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Caste Is Prohibiting India’s Upliftment And The Country Still Breathes Fresh Caste Issues Daily

Caste’ a word that significantly defines the existence of Indians in one way or another. After building a home, something that is most widely recognized towards the identity of every single person in the country is caste.

We might betray our values but betraying the morals of a particular caste is an immense commitment of Indians. This disease not only is a matter of concern boring from uneducated but a wider part of the country believes in caste- discrimination.

In every news we watch, there’s always a case where caste plays a big role and a majority of such cases end up with deaths. In India, around a total of 16% of cases of sexual abuse of SC women were registered in 2016. Kerala reported the highest cases of atrocities with a total of SC (29.8%) and ST (60.9%) women which were considerably against the national average of 15.9% and 41.7%.

‘In 2018, a village named Thati remorse everybody with an incident. The incident was about a Dalit man who was brutally beaten and shaved. The man was stuffed a rag in his mouth and his scalp was razored. The criminals left him with an announcement ‘ Tell Everyone We Scalped You.’

Caste Is Prohobiting India’s Upliftment And The Country Still Breathes Fresh Caste Issues Daily

In 2020, a Dalit family was beaten to death. The incident is of Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar in which a man was butchered into 40 pieces.

Caste Is Prohobiting India’s Upliftment And The Country Still Breathes Fresh Caste Issues Daily

If this is not enough, every year the number of children belonging to SC experience the highest dying before their fifth birthday. A decomposition analysis revealed that 83% of the caste-based gap in the under-five deaths is due to the distribution of women’s level of educational attainment and household wealth between the SC/ST and non-SC/ST population.

Caste has been ruling the country since the time when we lacked the education to the time when have developed and unique education policies. No matter what the circumstances are, Indians and their hatred for lower caste(which usually should not even be a term) remains same, in fact growing every day.

In our country, people are so habituated of building caste ladders that it is absolute to say ‘Caste rules everywhere.’ Whether it’s in school, college, jobs, or elsewhere, caste has a role to play. According to the 2011-12 NSSO statistics, the share of wage laborers among SCs was 63%. This is significantly higher than the values for other social groups. The figures are around 44% for Other Backward Classes (OBCs), 42% for upper castes, and 46% for the rest.

The NCRB data suggests that more than four Dalit women are raped every day. The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, an NGO, says over 23% of Dalit women report being raped, and many have reported multiple instances of rape.

If we consider rape cases alone, out of a total of 36,657 registered offenses of rape committed against women in 2016, 2,536 registered cases of rape were committed against SC women (6.9%) and 972 registered cases of rape were committed against ST women (2.6%).

These are just mere statistics and cases where caste was put before morality and humanity. But inhale it or not, India needs to move ahead of caste.

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