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Anmol Narang Is The First Sikh Observer To Graduate At West Point From The United States Military Academy

Anmol Narang has made history, becomes the first Sikh to graduate from prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point, and the Second Lieutenant has the hope of inspiring Americans to know more about Sikhism through her efforts to represent her faith and culture. On Saturday, US President Donald Trump spoke to the 1.107 students who had gathered for the yearly start of the academy, including a 23-year old, Narang.

“Being a Sikh woman is a very important part of my identity, which would be marvelous if my background can play an unpretentious role in inspiration to people regardless of profession,” Narang told CNN. “That’s a fantastic feeling, it’s humbling and I’ve never worked hard for something in my life.

Born in Roswell, Georgia, a second-generation immigrant, Narang was early appreciative of military service because of her mother’s career in the Indian Army.
After she became interested in military service at school, after her family had come to Pearl Harbor National Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii, she began applying for West Point.

The students socially distanced themselves 6 meters from each other at the ceremony on the Plain Parade, to meet the public health requirements of COVID-19, instead of gathering for the traditional Michie Stadium ceremony. The study said that families and friends could not attend the ceremony but could watch it online.

For further information visit:,to%20learn%20more%20about%20Sikhism.

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