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” A successful journalist is not the one who chases information, but the one who chases the rightful information”

You can be a journalist with only the passion for it.

The Voix Tribune is a news, opinion and social propound founded in June 2020, by the Editor Sachin Tiwari. The Voix Tribune majorly focuses on the nation, education, women, and transgender.

The team of The Voix Tribune includes some of the independent journalists and writers from all over the country who believe in ethical, investigative, and unbiased journalism. The venture aims for necessary information and highlight education.

The important points:

  1. We allow journalists from around the globe to contribute and raise voice with us.
  2. You can send your blog or news and we will upload it. However, it is important that you include following points with your post.

a. Attach your post with email in the form of Word or pdf.
b. Include an author bio with your post
c. Make sure that the content is not plagiarised or copied.

  1. It will take some time before we read, edit and update your post.

You can follow The Voix Tribune on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the investigated and fastest news updates.

Thank you!

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